What happens if my qualifications are not recognized? Opportunities in continuing education and how to finance it.

Should the authority determine there are substantial between the foreign qualification and the corresponding German qualification, the applicant for recognition can pursue appropriate further training.

The law has rulings governing compensation measures (adaptation period or aptitude tests) for the regulated professions since equivalence in these professions is mandatory to practice the profession in Germany. The Länder are responsible for providing training courses and examinations. As a rule, the costs of the compensation measure have to be borne by the applicant. Under certain conditions financial support can be provided by the employment offices or the providers of basic income support.

There is no obligation to gain further qualification in the non-regulated professions (especially training occupations). One can work in these professions without certification of equivalence. Notification from the responsible authority will list the acquired qualifications and determine if there are any substantial differences to the comparable profession in Germany. This will prove of help to skilled staff with foreign qualifications and employers alike. Qualified job seekers will be able to take up further training as indicated in the notification to improve their chances on the labour market and, if necessary, achieve full equivalence of their professional qualifications. Employers can rely on a transparent description of the job seeker's qualifications. Under certain conditions financial support for continuing vocational training can be granted by the employment offices or the providers of basic income support
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