Which professions are concerned in the recognition procedure?

The recognition procedure involves comparison of the foreign qualification with a German reference qualification.
The latter must be based on federal law. As such, a procedure to establish equivalence occurs for all
  • training and advanced qualifications under the dual system (BQFG) and
  • all professions regulated at federal level (specialist laws)
The German reference qualification must be identified in the application for an equivalency review. It is determined in mutual agreement between the applicant and the responsible authority. The equivalency review is based on a comparison with the currently valid homologous German qualification.

Certain examination certificates from Austria or France associated with training occupations under the dual system are automatically considered equivalent to the German qualification, in accordance with the scope of regulations that govern them.

The Recognition Act does not refer to recognition of foreign qualifications for the purpose of higher education entrance or transfer of credits from studies and examination results gained abroad. As a rule, responsibility for this task lies with universities.
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