Must applicants be able to speak German?

Language skills may be required in so far as they are necessary to practice the profession. This is especially true for some regulated professions such as medical doctors, teachers or for people in the health care professions. Applicants for recognition will only be issued a licence to practice these professions if they possess sufficient German language skills.

There are no formal requirements as concerns German language skills to work in any of the training occupations under the dual system (skilled trades, industry or trade professions). An assessment of language skills is not part of the equivalency review. Should the responsible authority deem an assessment of language skills useful or even imperative in respect of future employment, they may choose to evaluate language skills in a process separate from the equivalency review. The principle of proportionality must be observed and extraordinary demands may not be imposed on the applicant.

In practical terms, someone's opportunities on the labour market will largely depend on whether or not he/she has a command of the German language – regardless of professional or vocational qualification.
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