What documents are needed for the application?

  • Tabular overview of training and prior work experience (in German language)
  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)
  • Proof of qualification obtained abroad
  • Proof of relevant work experience
  • Other proof of skills (such as continuing vocational education and training)
  • Declaration that no previous application for equivalence assessment under BQFG has been made
  • Applicant's statement of intention to work in Germany (not applicable to citizens of, or residents of EU/EEA/Switzerland)

Specialist law for certain regulated professions may vary on the above.

The responsible authority may require certified copies or originals of documents. For the sake of simplicity the responsible authority may allow submission of plain copies.

As a rule, documents must be submitted in German translation. Translations must be made by interpreters or translators who are publicly appointed and sworn in Germany or abroad. The responsible authority may choose to do without translations.
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